Welcome to British Riding Clubs Area 1

BRC logoBritain is divided into 23 Areas for the purposes of administration. Area 1 covers Scotland from the Forth and Clyde south. There are 36 affiliated clubs with membership numbers ranging from 20 to over 200.

A new club can seek affiliation once the membership reaches 20 adult members.

The Area committee consists of:

• Chairman, Treasuer, Secretary and committee members – all from different Area 1 Clubs.
• In Attendance:  Area Rep.

The Area Representative attends the national meetings normally held at BRC Headquarters (Stoneleigh).

Area 1 - Scotland South

The Area Committee supports the clubs wherever possible whether it is with an internal problem, or an incident at an Open competition. The committee also organises training, subsidising where appropriate. Affiliated clubs may claim a training grant on payment of the Area Liaison Fees – currently £2 per club member. Training takes many forms.

There is a considerable amount of legislation these days and Area 1 disseminates information and advice from BRC HQ. All Scottish Riding Clubs are part of Riding Clubs in Scotland, which is affiliated to the governing body – Horsescotland. Each area pays an annual levy to Horsescotland, which endorses Awards for All applications as our national governing body. Enhanced Disclosure Checks in Scotland and Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshops are available through Horsescotland.

Area 1 is fortunate in having many active clubs who assist with the training, and run the Area Qualifiers for the National Championships. There are a considerable number of available qualifiers, however, as usual; the Scottish weather determines what we can all cope with!

BRC Area 1 Contacts:

Area Rep:  Maggie Bunnett

E-mail: thebunnetts@btinternet.com      Telephone:  07876 588709

Chairman:  Ann Affleck

E-mail:  affleckinduns@hotmail.com    Telephone:   01361 882 298

Secretary:   Jane McDowall

E-mail:  brcarea1@btinternet.com      Telephone:  07717 758 638