Area 1 Winter Novice and Intermediate Show Jumping Qualifier – 4th November 2017

Info circulated to Club Contacts, including AREA REP INFO

  1. Autumn Report from Area 1 Rep
  2. Area 1 Liaison Committee Meeting reminder – 19th November 2017
  3. Area 1 Representative – nomination form and information attached (nominations due by 13th November)
  4. BRC Forum
  5. Reminder to submit Area Training Grant Forms as soon as possible (must be submitted by December 2017).  Form attached and also available on Area 1 website on Reference page.

Autumn Report from Area 1 Rep


For most of us the main topic of conversation has, and still is, the weather! It has been an awful summer.  Apart from riders, my sympathies go to the farmers.  Good hay will be at a premium this winter.

Thankfully we have indoor arenas which are reasonably accessible to most of us, although those competing and helping outdoors on the Sunday of the Summer Qualifiers, must be considering an indoor sport! The Championships were held at Lincoln show ground.  Congratulations go to members from Polnoon, Lothians, Ayr, Argyll and North Lammermuir who came home with rosettes.  Special mention must go to Polnoon who came second in the 70 cm Show Jumping.

Well done and good luck to Edinburgh & District Riding Club member Caroline Pennycook whose horse Thor has been nominated for the RoR Horse of the Year Award.

The 19th of November is an important diary date. There will be a Liaison meeting for all clubs in the Arran Room at Oatridge College (where we normally hold these meetings). This year staff from BRC Headquarters will be attending.  It will be a good opportunity to catch up on recent BRC developments, and to ask questions.

As you all know I am stepping down as Area Representative. The election for a new Rep will take place at this Liaison Meeting.  Nominations are to be with the Area 1 secretary by 30th October.  Initially this position is for one year as the role normally has a three year span.  Therefore there will be another election in November 2018.

The 2018 Summer Qualifiers will be held at SNEC on 9th and 10th June. We need to have a good discussion about this.  Four years ago we decided to run everything bar the Horse Trials over one weekend.  The format has proved to be popular.  This year the numbers attending were fantastic, however, there were a few problems.  So please come along and join in the discussion if you want to see this fun weekend continue.

During the summer we request feedback on training via SurveyMonkey as we are in receipt of training money from British Riding Clubs in Scotland. Not many replied however those that did have requested Dressage to Music training, and Style Jumping training.  This will be an agenda item, as will the general 2018 training programme.  The Area committee greatly appreciates the help from clubs with the organisation of the training.

The 2018 Novice, Intermediate and Open Show Jumping Qualifier takes place at SNEC on 4th November. Lothians are the host club.

Edinburgh and District are hosting the 2018 Novice Winter Dressage Qualifier at SNEC on the 26th November.

The 2018 Intermediate Winter Dressage Qualifier host and venue are undecided.


Jennifer Rentoul, Area 1 Rep


The Area 1 Liaison Committee meeting will be held at 1.30 pm on Sunday 19th November 2017 in the Arran Room, Oatridge, Ecclesmachan.

If you have any items you would like added to the agenda, please let Jane (Area 1 secretary) know by 31st October. Thank you.


Role of Area 1 Representative

The Area Rep’s term commences on 1st December. The ‘job specification’ from HO, and the nomination form are attached.

You do not have to be an official steward to take on the role of Area Rep as you would be able to attend the training in February (likely to be Banbury, Oxford).

Nomination forms to be submitted to the Area 1 Secretary no later than Monday 13th November to allow for a vote at the Area Liaison meeting.


There is a BRC Forum on the 28th October at Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

Please contact Jennifer if you would like to attend (


Area Rep – Role Description

2017 Area Rep nominationform

Area 1 Training Grant Application Form NEW

National Championships at Lincoln – 2nd & 3rd September 2017

A number of clubs from Area 1 made the long journey to attend the National Championships held at Lincoln last weekend. Many thanks to all competitors and also the helpers who gave up their time to support everyone.
It is wonderful to report there were many successes!
Most notable was Polnoon Riding Club coming second in the 70cms Show Jumping , with just 8 faults. The team consisted of Jennifer Wisdom (9th individual), Gillian Morris, Andrea Hibbert and Laura Stirrat.
Special mention must also be made of Marije Terpstra from Argyll Riding Club who was 8th , with only 4 faults.
In the 80 cms, Lothians were 7th , with David Parker individual 7th.
Lothians collected more rosettes with the team coming 8th in the 90cms, Katie Smith achieving 7th individually and Lothians Team also came 7th in the 100 cm.
The Dressage competitors also did well!
In the Senior Prelim Dressage Linda Hardie  from North Lammermuir was 5th in her arena, with Julie Hannah from Ayr, 10th in her arena. In the Pairs Dressage Linda Hardie and Shona Playfair from North Lammermuir were 6th.
Many others were well placed, which is a tremendous achievement as around 2,000 horses attend the Championships.
Jennifer Rentoul
Area 1 Rep


  • Please remember that ALL portable XC fences MUST be secured in accordance with British Eventing’s Guidelines (attached). This includes for all training, schooling and competition use.
  • The BRC insurance policy will only cover you if these guidelines are followed.
  • If you are hiring a venue and XC course, please make sure it is clearly agreed who will be responsible for ensuring the course is prepared in accordance with these guidelines.

Area 1 Horse Trials Qualifier – 22nd May 2016

Area 1 were represented at the joint Areas 1 and 2 Horse trials qualifier run by Area 2 at Ivesley Equestrian Centre, Nr Durham on Sunday 22nd May. Unfortunately we were not well supported but those who made the journey enjoyed a variety of XC fences which asked some new questions. Although the ground was hard the organisers had made a big effort  to use the best ground.

We are very grateful to Area 2 for allowing us to be included in their competition.

The 😯 cm Class was won by Edinburgh and District Gallus Lassies: Caroline Pennycook/ Blue Thor, Lorne Mcillaney/Indian Blood, Jayne White/Ragdoll and Catriona Umpleby/ Demarco.

2nd team  Edinburgh and District Bran Besoms:  Vanessa Smith/RD Bentleys Boy 1st Ind., KjadeMcMahon/Wee Ten Thirty, Caroline Pennycook/Named after Nina 3rd Ind.

Individually 2nd Stranraer Nicole Simpson/Nirona 4th Charlotte Mills/Kiloppy Dun

The 90cm Class was won by Ettrick Forest Riders Association: Sarah Johnstone/Mr Woody  2nd Ind., Laura Sanderson/Tango in Paris 6th Ind., Jo Swanston/Gransha Lad 5th Ind., and Frances Hislop/Justly Jules 1st Ind.

Individually Stranraer Debs Millington/April Moon 3rd and 1st outwith a team, SPRA Lynsey Galloway/Dauntless Night 4th.

100+ 1st Eilidh Whiteford/Flash Steel , 2nd. Shona Playfair/Roobeeroo  both  North Lammermuir.

Well done to the clubs who made the journey you represented us well.

Area Showjumping Qualifier – Saturday 7th November

BRC Area 1 Winter Novice and Intermediate Show Jumping – 7th November 2015 at Morris EC, hosted by Ayr Riding Club

Senior Winter Novice

1st Lothians – Sabine Aitken, Bridget Meenan, Julia Robinson Dow, Laura Cull-Hooker

2nd Ayr O’Nautics. – Caroline Vance, Stephen MacGregor, Sharon Urquhart, Robert Clunas

3rd Ayr ( Mug’s Muppets) – Margaret Montgomery, Tammy Russell, Amy Hood, Fiona Drummond

4th Almond – Pamela Ligget, Jo Murphy, Laura Chaffe, Caroline Dougal

5th Ettrick Forest – Louise Clark, Carly Scott, Jane Douglas, Paula Whitson

6th Edinburgh and District – Jane White, Lorna McElhaney, Rona McGregor, Caroline Pennycook

Junior Winter Novice

1st Renfrewshire – Fiona Lyons, Shannon Gallacher, Erin Mcghee, Jessica Newness

2nd Barrhead – Rachel Sherry, Kate Carmichael, Heather McClimens

Senior Intermediate

1st Lothians – Duncan Owen, Gemma Lumsden, Alex Cocking, Ivar McLeish

2nd Polnoon ( Purple) – Laura Mitchell, Jennifer Barclay, Ailie Haddow

3rd Ettrick Forest (Teviot) – Cindy Fisher, Pam Turnbull, Laura Sanderson, Carolyn Gospel

4th Ettrick Forest (Vale) – Emma Soeder, Jo Swanston, Marita Gibson, Sandra Grieve

5th Peebles and District – Anne Paxton, Susie Dykes, Nicole Samuel, Anne-Mare van Heelsum

6th Glenbrae – Aileen Jeffrey, Joyce Greenhorn, Alison McLeod, Julie Scott

BRC Area 1 Winter Dressage




  •               Elisa Cordial                      Cwmtynant Anwen
  •               Linda Hardie                      Moylaw Dudley
  •               Eilidh Whiteford                 Flash Steel
  •               Carol Boswell                    Scole Golden Warrier


  •               Aimee Gardiner                Kilteen
  •               Alix Henderson                 Silverbarton
  •               Julie Ross                         Blue Surprise
  •               Carol Wood                       Zamaro


  •               Jayne Donaldson              Lochlibo’s Possum
  •               Jennifer Doig                    Height of Mischief
  •               Gillian Wisdon                   Pentrefelin Consula
  •               Ali Morran                         Pentrefelin Darcy Bussle


  •               Claire Fraser                     Cornamuckla Boy
  •               Maja Waldhausen             Champ of Dance
  •               Karen Dewar                     Duncky Bunch-Bo
  •               Judy Douglas Miller          Cantos


  •               Kathy Lawson                   Jasper
  •               Aimee Gardiner                Miss Lucky Cavalier
  •               Charlotte Holden               Bleu Diamond
  •               Lynne Wearing                  Izo D.V.


  •               Laura Smith                      One Step Beyond
  •               Julie Gilchrist Lees            Davinci
  •               Laura Mitchell                   Ozinocco
  •               Jennifer Barclay               Sully’s Prophet


BRC Area 1 Festival




1                           LANARK


JUNIOR INDIVIDUALS                   

TEST                    CLUB                        RIDER                                HORSE

BRC D1               LANARK                  Sarah Gulland                JRP Easy Tiger

BRC D2               LANARK                  Robyn Hodgson            Vales Daisy May

BRC D3               ALMOND               Alexa Ekin                        Troy (Step Up)

BRC D10             LANARK                  Hannah Gilchrist           Llanstephen Peggy

E45                       STRANRAER          Molly Paterson (E45)  Javelot D’or



SENIOR PRELIM TEAM                                         

1                           ALMOND (Nutz & Bolts)

2                           EDRC (Hotties)

3                           POLNOON

4                           EDRC (Coolies)

5                           LANARK

6                           LOTHIAN (Red)



           CLUB                                                    RIDER                             HORSE

1        ALMOND (Nutz & Bolts)               Shirley Melling           Woodburys  Generous

2        EDRC (Hotties)                                 Emma Nicholson       Strike it Lucky

3        AYR (Ayrs Above The Ground)  Laura McCabe            Ketchers Bertie

4        ERCD (Coolies)                                 Lorna McElhaney      Indian Blood

5        LANARK                                              Bernadette Kerr        Cayro Spring

6        PEEBLES                                              Donna Fairbairn         Connie


SENIOR PRELIM INDIVIDUAL ARENA 2                                  

           CLUB                                        RIDER                                      HORSE

1        POLNOON                             Laura Smith                           One Step Beyond

2        LOTHIANS (Red)                 David Parker                         Renaisanz

3        ALMOND (Nutz & Bolts)  Gillian Thomson                  Zac

4        KKRC (Blue)                          Pip Parsons                           Ruby Tuesday

5        ERDC (Hotties)                     Roz Eccles                              Finn McCoull

6        ERCD (Coolies)                     Jade McMahon                   Oakport New Town


SENIOR PRELIM INDIVIDUAL ARENA 3                                  

           CLUB                                        RIDER                                      HORSE

1        ALMOND (Nutz & Bolts)  Kathy Nixon                          Duntarvie Anthony

2        LANARK                                  Joyce Scott                            Sky Piper

3        ERCD (Coolies)                     Catriona Umpleby              Demarco

4        POLNOON                             Jennifer Doig                        Height of Mischief

5        LOTHIANS (Red)                 Julia Robinson-Dow           Strattonstown Harvey

6        STRANRAER                          Debs Millington                   April Moon


SENIOR PRELIM INDIVIDUAL ARENA 4                                  

           CLUB                                        RIDER                                      HORSE

1        PEEBLES                                  Wendy Jackson                   Ghandy III

2=      KKRC (Blue)                          Joanne Moses                     Greenburn Sunrise

2=      AYR (Ayr Artistes)              Caroline Vance                    The Prince of Spring

4        ERDC (Hotties)                     Rona McGregor                  Mr Bojangles LS

5        RENFREWSHIRE                   Kathryn McConnachie      SSH on Top

6        ALMOND (Fruit & Nuts)   Lynne Denholm                  Beckham


SENIOR OPEN TEAM                                            

1                           POLNOON (Pink)

2                           LANARK

3                           ALMOND

4                           AYR (Fayr Ladies)

5                           POLNOON (Purple)

6                           PEEBLES


SENIOR OPEN INDIVIDUAL N24                                                   

           CLUB                                        RIDER                                          HORSE

1        KKRC (Individual)                Pip Parsons                              Ruby Tuesday

2        POLNOON (Pink)                Laura Brennan                        Bogis

3        POLNOON (Purple)           Gillian Wisdon                         Pentrefelin Consuela

4        LANARK                                  Ella Gilchrist                              Ballyshea Jack

5        ALMOND                               Laura Chaffe                            Fynn

6        AYR (Fayr Ladies)                Susan Ward                              Kennox Suniamh


SENIOR OPEN INDIVIDUAL N30                

           CLUB                                                           RIDER                             HORSE

1        LOTHIANS (Individual)                         Lynne Samuel       Touch of Clover

2        ALMOND                                                  Elizabeth Dow            Eurostar

3        STRATHENDRICK (Stephens Princesses) Stephen MacKay       W Amelusiena 64

4        LANARK                                                     Marion Reid                Rocky

5        POLNOON (Pink)                                   Ali Moran                     Pentrefelin Darcy Bussle

6        AYR (Fayr Ladies)                                   Julia Kerr                       Royal Rising (Domino)


SENIOR OPEN INDIVIDUAL N34                                                   

           CLUB                                        RIDER                                          HORSE

1        AYR (Individual)                  Laura McCabe                         Prince Omid

2        POLNOON (Pink)                Laura Mitchell                         Ozinocco

3        POLNOON (Purple)           Ali Moran                                  Pentrefelin Sanguinetti

4        LANARK                                  Richard Mackie                       Another Houdini

5        AYR (Fayr Ladies)                Margaret Montgomery       Dock of the Grey

6        ALMOND                               Sarah Orr                                   Couvers Limerick


SENIOR OPEN INDIVIDUAL E45                                                    

           CLUB                                        RIDER                                          HORSE

1        AYR (Fayr Ladies)                Marion Boyle                           Blaven

2        LOTHIANS (Individual)      Duncan Owen                         Silver Lining VI

3        LANARK                                  Emma Mackie                         Slightly Tipsy

4        ALMOND                               Kerry McCready                     Zadkine M (Jack Sparrow)

5        KKRC (Blue)                          Evelyn Cumming                    Easy Ozzy

6        POLNOON (Purple)           Jennifer Wisdon                     Pentrefelin Serena


SENIOR OPEN INDIVIDUAL M61                                                  

           CLUB                                        RIDER                                          HORSE

1        ALMOND                               Kerry McCready                     Zadkine M (Jack Sparrow)

2        POLNOON                             Shona McNeill                         Santa’s Ghost


SENIOR RIDING TEST TEAM                               

1                           POLNOON (Purple)

2                           ALMOND

3                           POLNOON (Pink)

4                           GLENBRAE (Dancing Diva’s)

5                           KKRC (Green)

6                           KKRC (Red)



           CLUB                                                 RIDER                             HORSE

1        POLNOON (Pink)                         Ali Moran                     Pentrefelin Sanguinetti

2        ALMOND                                         Shirley Melling           Woodburys  Generous

3        POLNOON (Purple)                     Laura Smith                 One Step Beyond

4        GLENBRAE (Dancing Diva’s)     Caroline Guy               Benson

5        ALMOND                                         Ali Chaffe                     Maxamillion

6        POLNOON (Purple)                     Ann Gair Lothian       Bells of Clover



           CLUB                                                 RIDER                             HORSE

1        POLNOON (Purple)                     Laura Mitchell             Ozinocco

2        ALMOND                                         Gillian Thomson         Zac

3        KKRC (Green)                                Pip Parsons                  Ruby Tuesday

4=      POLNOON (Purple)                     Jennifer Barclay         Sully’s Prophet

4=      LOTHIANS (Individual)               Jenny Scott                  Savannah

6        AYR (Individual)                            Marion Boyle              Blaven


SENIOR PAIRS                                         

           CLUB                                                 RIDERS                                                 HORSES

1        AYR (Cobs R Us)                           Irene Mckelvey/Eleanor Pottinger                Meikle Mr Darkle/Rwydymarch Twysog Swallow

2        ALMOND                                         Miriam McCloy/Rita Chisholm                          Carlung Innes/Islay of Carlung

3        AYR (The Amazing Greys)        Julia Kerr/Margaret Montgomery                  Royal Rising/Dock of the Grey

4        AYR (Ayr Payr)                              Stephen McGregor/Kirsteen Watson          Herbie Goes Bananas/Blairfield Debonair


SENIOR NOVICE DTM (Zero BD Points)                                               

           CLUB                              RIDER                                                   HORSE

1        ALMOND                      Katie Pier                                            Maverick

2        ALMOND                      Ali Chaffe                                           Maxamillion

3        PEEBLES                        Emma Willis                                       Griffin Copper Queen

4        ETTRICK FOREST        Laura Sanderson                             Tango in Paris


SENIOR NOVICE DTM                                                                       

           CLUB                              RIDER                                                   HORSE

1        ALMOND                      Sarah McLean                       Hadewich


SENIOR ELEMENTARY DTM                                                                      

           CLUB                              RIDER                                                   HORSE

1        LANARK                        Emma Mackie                                   Slightly Tipsy

2        ETTRICK FOREST        Jill King                                                 Mylo

3        PEEBLES                        Annmarie Van Heelsum               Bolinda


SENIOR MEDIUM/ADVANCED MEDIUM DTM                                  

           CLUB                              RIDER                                                   HORSE

1        ETTRICK FOREST        Jill King                                                 Mylo


SENIOR PAIRS DTM            

           CLUB                              RIDER                                                   HORSE

1        AYR                                 Julia Kerr/Margaret Montgomery         Royal Rising/Dock of the Grey





NOVICE TEAMS                                   

1           EDRC

2           ALMOND

3           STRANRAER

4           LOTHIANS

5           S LAMMERMIUR

6           PEEBLES & DISTRICT



1           LOTHIANS              Laura Cull Hooker            Zeb

2           EDRC                        Emma Nicholson             Strike It Lucky

3           KKRC                        Joanne Moses                Greenburn Sunrise

4           AYR                           Caroline Vance                Rado Verte

5           ALMOND                Vanessa Smith                RD Bentley’s Lad

6           STRANRAER          Nicola Corkindale            Nirona


INTERMEDIATE TEAMS                    

1           GLENBRAE

2           LOTHIANS

3           S LAMMERMUIR

4           PEEBLES & DISTRICT

5           AYR



INTERMEDIATE INDIVIDUALS                                                 

1           RENFREWSHIRE             Kathryn McConnachie      Maggie

2           GLENBRAE                       Leanne McBain               Gool Ameen

3           PEEBLES                            Linda McIvor                   Junior

4           POLNOON                       Laura Mitchell                      Ozinocco

5           S LAMMERMUIR           Gemma Hope                 Chamfrom Kukri

6           LOTHIANS                        Duncan Owen                 Silver Lining


OPEN INDIVIDUALS                 

1           PEEBLES & DISTRICT    Melanie Gilchrist                Time for Tea

2           KKRC                                  Suzanne Oxnard                 Look Out



STYLE TEAMS                                       

1           ALMOND

2           S LAMMERMUIR

3           EDRC

4           KKRC



1           ALMOND                         Solomon                                Pamela Ligget

2           ALMOND                         RD Bentley’s Lad                 Vanessa Smith

3           S LAMMERMUIR           Bracken                          Ellen Renton

4           EDRC                                  Named After Nina            Caroline Pennycook

5           S LAMMERMUIR           Shallee Bobby                      Caroline Stewart

6           EDRC                                  Mr Bojangles LS             Rona McGregor



1           KKRC                                  Greenburn Sunrise            Joanne Moses

2           EDRC                                  Strike It Lucky                      Emma Nicholson

3           S LAMMERMUIR           Kasilia                            Amy Brown

4           ALMOND                         Woodbury’s Generous    Shirley Melling

5           S LAMMERMUIR           Chamfrom Kukri                 Gemma Hope

6           ALMOND                         Couvers Limerick            Sarah Orr




Arena 1 P18                    

1               Stranraer           Debs Millington                         April Moon

2               Lothians             Laura Cull Hooker                     Zeb

3               Almond              Kenny Samuel                            Dillars Bart

4               Peebles              Emma Willis                                Jonky

5               Lanark                Cathy Lee                                    Craigwell Coco Kabana

6               Stranraer        Fiona Jamieson                          Downland Hannah


Arena 2 P18                    

1               Almond              Kathy Nixon                                Duntarvie Anthony

2               Lanark                Bernadette Kerr                        Cayro Spring

3               Ayr                      Sharon Urquhart                       How to Jump au V/H Juxschot

ERCD                   Catriona Umpleby                     Demarco


Arena 3 P18                    

1               Almond              Gillian Thomson                         Zac

2               Ayr                     Carrie Ross                                 Vixon 372

3               Stranraer           Shirley Panter                            VDL Cavalier

4               Lothians Blue    Julie McLeish                             Blanka

5               Peebles              Wendy Jackson                          Ghandy III

6               Stranraer           Joyce Lafferty                            William Wallis


Arena 4 P18                    

1               ERDC                   Roz Eccles                                   Finn McCoull

2               Lanark                Joyce Scott                                 Sky Piper

3               Lanark                Sharon Hutchison                      Requiem Romance

4               Ayr                      Vikki Hamilton                            Siangi Storm

ERCD                   Catriona Umpleby                     Demarco


Arena 5 P18 (Junior)   

1               Lanark                Robyn Hodgson                         Vales Daisy May


Arena 5 N27                    

1               Lanark                Richard Mackie                          Another Houdini

2               Lanark                Ella Gilchrist                                Ballyshea Jack

3               Lothians             Lynne Samuel                           Touch of Clover

4               Polnoon             Laura Brennan                           Bogis

5               Almond              Sarah Orr                                    Couvers Limerick


INDOOR OPEN CLASSES                                                  

Class 1 Intro A                

1                                           Joyce Kent                                  Poppy

2                                           Vicky Allan                                  Lola

3                                           Aoife Willis-Cleary                    Leo

4                                           Frances Riley                              PG

5                                           Michelle Jeffery                        Shanthi

6                                           Adelle Ritchie                            Secret


Class 2 P1                         

1                                           Lynne Denholm                         Beckham

2                                           Susan Thomson                          Tia Maria

3                                           Suzanne McCulloch                  Teddy

4                                           Anja Lowit                                   Catootje


Class 3 P15                      

1                                           Bridget Lambert                        Ace

2                                           Susan Thomson                          Tia Maria

3                                           Emma Willis (HC)                       Jonky


Class 4 N28                      

1                                           David Parker                              Renaisanz

2                                           Sarah McLean                            Hadewich

3                                           Sara Locke                                  Tequila Sunrise


Class 5 N38                      

1                                           Katie Pier                                    Maverick


Class 6 E45                       

                                             no entries


Class 7 M61                     

1                                           Shona McNeill                            Santas Ghost



Area 1 Winter SJ Qualifier

The re-scheduled competition ran smoothly at SNEC.   Area 1 is grateful to Glenbrae for hosting the event, and providing an enthusiastic band of cheerful and willing helpers.   Area 1 appreciated Lothians re-scheduling their Christmas show, due to run on the re scheduled date…….their reward was wining both the Novice and Intermediate competitions!!  Well done.
Novice Seniors
1st           Lothians Smurfs
2nd          Almond Nutz and Boltz
3rd          Ettrick Forrest
4th          South Lammermuir B
5th          Edinburgh and Disitrict
6th          South Lammermuir A
Intermediate Juniors
1st          Almond Acornz
Intermediate Seniors
1st            Lothians B
2nd           Peebles Blue
3rd            Peebles Red
4th           Glenbrae
5th           Lothians A
6th           Almond Mixed Nutz

Area Winter SJ Results Dec 2014