Area 1 Novice and Intermediate Winter Dressage – April 2021

BRC is organising a virtual SEIB Insurance Brokers Novice Winter and Horsehage & Mollichaff Intermediate Winter Championships (incorporating the rescheduled 2020 SEIB Insurance Brokers Novice Winter Championships and 2020 Horsehage & Mollichaff Intermediate Winter Championships)*.

BRC has recently confirmed that Area 1 is able to put forward one team and one individual entry for each of the classes listed below (Winter 2020/21 qualifier – new competition) .

Clubs which have confirmed their Area 1 Liaison affiliation (details at foot of page) may submit entries (no fee payable at this stage) for the ballot using the Entry Form which must be submitted to no later than 26th February.

Nov and Int Winter Qualifier Entry Sheet – February 2021

Please check the BRC web page for more information:

Where there is more than one team / individual entry for a class the Area 1 Committee is required to conduct a ballot on behalf of BRC HQ.

Selected teams and individuals will be notified week commencing 1st March – entries to BRC will be made online and entry fees are payable.

1x Senior Novice Team (one each of the following tests)

  • 1x Senior BRC Prelim D1 (2020) Individual
  • 1x Senior BRC Prelim D4 (2021) Individual
  • 1x Senior BRC HT100Q (2020) Individual
  • 1x Senior BRC Novice D10 (2020) Individual

1x Junior Novice Team (one each of the following tests)

  • 1x Junior BRC Prelim D1 (2020) Individual
  • 1x Junior BRC Prelim D4 (2021) Individual
  • 1x Junior BRC HT100Q (2020) Individual
  • 1x Junior BRC Novice D10 (2020) Individual

1x Senior Intermediate Team (one each of the following tests)

  • 1x Senior BRC Prelim D3 (2020) Individual
  • 1x Senior BRC HT100+Q (2020) Individual
  • 1x Senior BRC Novice D11 (2021) Individual
  • 1x Senior BRC Elementary D20 (2021) Individual

1x Junior Intermediate Team (one each of the following tests)

  • 1x Junior BRC Prelim D3 (2020) Individual
  • 1x Junior BRC HT90Q (2020) Individual
  • 1x Junior BRC Novice D11 (2021) Individual
  • 1x Junior BRC HT100+Q (2020) Individual


  • 1x Junior Elementary Individual (BRC Elementary D20 (2021))
  • 1x BRC Medium D25 (2021) Individual
  • 1x BRC Advanced Medium D30 (2021) Individual


Eligible Area 1 Riding Clubs  (at 12/2/21)

  • Arran Riding Club
  • Ayr Riding Club
  • Dunedin Combined Training Group
  • Ettrick Forest Riders Association
  • Girvan & District
  • Lanark Riding Club
  • Lothians Riding Club
  • Machars Riding Club
  • North Ayrshire Riding Club
  • Peebles & District Riding Club
  • Renfrewshire Riding Club
  • Scottish Dressage Group
  • South East Scotland Dressage Group
  • South Lammermuir Riding Club
  • Stranraer & District Riding Club
  • Tannoch Stables Riding Club


If your Club is not listed above the office bearers have not submitted the requested Area Liaison information and an e-mail should be sent to:


* This is a new competition for 2020/21 Winter Championships – this does not affect teams and individuals that qualified at the 2019/20 qualifiers and already have their confirmation from BRC HQ.

BRC Area 1 – AGM

Draft minutes of BRC Area 1 AGM held online on 14th January 2021.

Area 1 AGM DRAFT Minutes 14th January 2021

Information for Equestrians during Covid-19 Pandemic

Click here for link to latest Covid-19 information from the British Horse Society.

Click here for link to latest Covid-19 information from HorseScotland.

BRC Area 1 AGM

If you would like to join the AGM please send an e-mail by Tuesday 12th January to:

Link to Zoom online meeting will be sent via e-mail on Wednesday 13th January.


British Riding Clubs in Scotland Area 1

Annual General Meeting

Online on Thursday 14th January 2021 at 7 pm


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the previous AGM (19th January 2020)
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Chairman’s Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of Accounts
  6. Area Representative’s Report
  7. Election of Office Bearers and Committee    (There are vacancies on the committee.)
  8. Proposals for Area Liaison Fees, Training Grant, etc
  9. Area 1 Qualifiers
  10. A O C B


BRC Area 1 Winter Qualifiers

The Area 1 Liaison Committee met virtually last night and taking into account the low numbers of members interested in taking part in the qualifiers along with the possibility of a local lockdown it was regrettably agreed not to run Area 1 winter qualifiers this year.

Club AGMs – Some Club committees have enquired about whether they need to hold an AGM this year. Please check your Club’s constitution although it is recommended that you hold some form of AGM, perhaps using online video conferencing. Clubs should ensure that their annual accounts are checked by a competent person as usual and committee members are appointed – even if this year’s committee agree to serve another year.

BRC Area 1 AGM will be held towards the end of January 2021 (date tbc) – physical meeting or online to be confirmed in due course.

BRC Area 1 Update

The Area 1 Liaison Committee members have discussed the August event and although lockdown is easing there is still no date for re-starting events during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.  Regrettably we have decided to cancel the August event and plan for the Winter qualifiers in the hope that they will be able to run.

In addition, the Area Liaison Committee is offering a one-off Emergency Support Grant for Clubs which require assistance to pay ongoing running costs.  More details and application form on the website.  Applications must be received by 31st July 2020.

When Clubs are able to offer training please remember that the Area Training Grant of up to £250 is still available (applications must be received by 31st October 2020).

Area 1 Emergency Support Application Form 2020

Posted 13th June 2020.

BRC Area 1 Summer Festival – CANCELLED

The Area 1 Summer Festival will not go ahead due to the cancellation of the national championships.

BRC Area 1 – Liaison Fees

AREA LIAISON FEES   (due to be paid by 29th February 2020).

Club contacts (as advised on Area Liaison Fees Forms 2019) have been sent an e-mail advising them of the amount due to be paid for 2020.

The rate will be £1 per 2019 member until 29th February 2020 – from 1st March 2020 this rate will revert to £2 per 2019 member.

All affiliated Riding Clubs are asked for three payments per annum:

  1. Area Liaison Fees – Payable to BRC Area 1 (south of Scotland – goes towards running of Area Qualifiers within Area 1 and training).  Payment is via Club Entries:  Click here for link to Area 1 Club Entries page.  Members of Clubs that have not paid are unable to take part in Area qualifiers until the Area Liaison fee has been paid.
  2. British Riding Clubs – Cost of Club affiliation insurance – BRC National office at Stoneleigh issues an invoice – this is due to be paid by 31st January.
  3. British Riding Clubs – Membership affiliation fees, per head – BRC National office at Stoneleigh issues an invoice (both Club Affiliation Insurance and Membership Affiliation fees invoices are usually sent at the same time).  This invoice is due to be paid by 31st May.

Personal Information

BRC Area 1 will securely hold the contact information provided for the purpose of sending out details about BRC Area 1 events plus information provided by British Riding Clubs and equestrian related items.

This information will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any other body or person, unless with your permission.  Your details will be removed from the database at your request – at which time BRC Area 1 will not be able to provide you with membership benefits or accept entries for events.

Should you no longer wish to receive information from BRC Area 1 please advise by e-mail to:

Unless you advise otherwise, your details will remain on BRC Area 1’s database.


The minutes of the Area 1 AGM held on 19th January 2020 have been circulated to Club contacts (as advised in 2019 Area Liaison Fees form).

  • Dates of Area Qualifiers (available on Area 1 website and FB page)
  • Area Horse Trials Qualifier – Area 1 Rep Maggie Bunnett is pursuing option of running alongside an existing One Day Event.  Once more information is available this will be shared.
  • Area Liaison Fees will be reduced by 50% in 2020.  Club contacts will be sent notification of payment due in February.
  • Area Qualifiers – Team Entry Fees at Qualifiers run by Area 1 will be reduced for 2020.
  • Area Training Grant – will remain at £200 for 2020.  Form available on website – Reference page.
  • Clubs to share open Training Dates to Area 1 to allow them to be shared to all Area 1 Clubs.