BRC Area 1 Summer Qualifiers 2017

Dressage and Showjumping – 8th & 9th July at Morris EC.

Dressage & RT Times 2017

SJ and Style Jumping Times 9th July 2017 final


SUNDAY 9th July 2017- HELPERS

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a briefing for all those helping in the main arena, outdoor arena, indoor and outdoor warm ups, main arena warm up, tunnel and tack check areas.


am helpers:  8am                                        pm helpers: 11.45.

Helpers : Sunday

Indoor arena AM start 8.30 / Outdoor 9.30                  Indoor arena PM start at 12.30 / Outdoor  12.15

Meet and Greet

AM Peter Rentoul                                                        PM  Bernadette Kerr  Lanark RC

Flu Vacs

Maggie Bunnet and Joyce Kent


Linda Allen

AM Maddie Moriarty ARC                                          PM Pam Miller  NARC

SJ Scorers Indoors

AM Valerie Sneddon                                                    PM Carol Mathers

SJ Scorer Outdoors

Christine, coming with the Judge and Julie Aitchison

Style Jumping Writer / Scorer

Julie Aitchison


AM…Susan Stuart                                                       PM..Leanne McBain   Glenbrae RC

Indoor Arena Party

AM Lisa Dunlop                                                           PM Gill Gray NARC

Louise McConnochie Argyll RC                                 Maureen Scott  NARC

Outdoor Arena Party

AM Gillian Boyce ARC                                                PM   Jenn Mackie

Tracy McArthur Argyll RC

Tack Check

AM Kaighley Stakim NARC                                        PM  Rachel Latchford NARC

Laura Gardiner NARC                                                 Sarah Donald ARC

Indoor Stewards

Warm Up

AM Janis Murchie                                                        PM Lyn Anderson


AM Kirsteen Watson                                                   PM Kerstine and Sarah Gibson ARC

Main Arena Warm Up

AM Duncan Owen   Lothians RC                                PM Sam Owen Wylie  Lothians RC

Outdoor Stewards

AM Nadine Scott                                                         PM Astell Easton Glenbrae RC



Area 1 Equestrian Festival July 2017 Schedule