Intermediate Dressage Qualifier – Sunday 6th March at Rockrose Equestrian

As chairman of Area 1 may I take the opportunity to thank our new club South East of Scotland Dressage Group for running a successful Winter Intermediate Dressage Qualifier on Sunday. It was great to have such a response and I believe over 170 entries were received. It’s a terrific entry from the area and shows how strong number wise we are. Thank you all.

Also well done to Almond Riding Club who have qualified for the finals also to the Individual qualifers  too. I hope we are well represented in the south and wish everyone good luck  when  they travel to the Championships.

Anne Millar



Treehouse Sporting Colours Intermediate Dressage Qualifer at Rockrose EC

organised by South East Scotland Dressage Group

Senior Team Results

  • 1st Almond Nutz and Bolts (Qualified)
  • 2nd Ettrick Forest
  • 3rd SESDG Bling
  • 4th South Lammermuir
  • 5th SESDG Diamonds
  • 6th North Lammermuir A

Junior Team Results

  • 1st SESDG Sapphires (Qualified)
  • 2nd SESDG Pearls

Senior Individual Qualifiers

  • D3 Louise Clark (EFRC)
  • D10 Carolyn Gospel (EFRC)
  • N30 Alex Meikle (NLRC)
  • E44 Catrina Leckie (SESDG)
  • Medium Joan Lauder (SDG)

Junior Individual Qualifiers

  • D3 Rachel Jackson (SDG)
  • D10 Sorrel Feather (SDG)
  • N30 Kendall Bow (SESDG)
  • E44 Kendall Bow (SESDG)

Best Senior & highest qualifying % of the day Catrina Leckie

Best Junior Kendall Bow


For those who didn’t get their rosettes or sheets please send a stamped address envelope to South East Scotland Dressage Group.